I create glass art using words and text. These 'word-scapes' embody text more than render it clearly- text becomes evocative texture, although close inspection of the originals facilitates a degree reading and de-ciphering. My work stems from ancient traditions of manuscript writing, and I've engaged with these since my early teens. You can see a broader range of my work in various media at my website

Technical info for a typical piece:
4 - 6 sheets of 2mm glass, each spaced about 5mm apart. Each sheet is diamond engraved on both sides, also with acid-etched painted textures. Mounted over hand painted and often gilt paper background bearing a unique giclée print. The printed image is a digital composition derived from blurred and colorized scans from the actual sheets of engraved glass.

The images comprise 3 conceptual dimensions:
1. The hand-engraved lines
2. Shadows cast by the former
3. 'Virtual' shadows which are giclée printed images of blurred scans from the glass

Relatively affordable custom commissions from my most popular series "A Thousand Wishes" are detailed here.
Contact me for quotations for custom work.

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